3 Day Multimedia Breaks

Ed Baxter has teamed up with Kathleen Woods and Ed Slater to offer a three day multi-media course set in the stunning hills and glens or mid-Nithsdale.  You will be staying at Bank House, Thornhill, where on the first day Ed Baxter holds his introduction to photography.  Day 2 takes you to Ed Slater in the spectacular Dalveen Pass and then day 3 to Tynron up  the Shinnel Glen, with Kathleen for your introduction to water colour painting. 

All three days will be hands-on with you producing your own work by the end of the courses.  For further details please phone 01848 330005 or email ed@photosws.co.uk

Cost £300 per student, including light lunch, but plus accommodation.

Course Dates

June 13, 14 and 15
July 15, 16 and 17
August 29, 30 and 31




Ed Slater

Road-end studio is situated in the dramatic Dalveen Pass, it really Is a stunning backdrop for any artist and is worth a visit on its own. Rules are out the window, forget everything you have been taught because you will be entering into an exciting new world of Ed Slater art in mixed media.

The day will begin with a cuppa obviously followed by the production of an image of one's own personality? Which you will be taking home with you followed by an introduction to abstract mixed media painting including the use of liquid glass paint.




Kathleen Woods

Watercolour Painting Workshops with SAA Tutor, Kathleen Woods. Designed for beginners and leisure painters enjoy the the lovely Scottish landscape in an unspoilt part of Dumfriesshire . Kathleen is a BA (Hons) Fine Art tutor and teaches in several local venues.



Ed Baxter

Photography day.

Learn how to create better photographs, with your digital camera, from a lifelong professional photographer. You will be based in a working studio using all the equipment and facilities, along with shooting at a local location You will be encouraged to be more creative in your approach to the work. The emphasis will be on how to get the most out of your digital camera.


Ed Baxter